As public universities, we have a duty to account for our activities, and to show the results and impact of públic investment of our institutions. We do it responsibly and with commitment, as these anual publications demonstrates.



The publication of the fourth report reflects the commitment of all Catalan universities to continue promoting research and knowledge transfer activities, with the conviction of the fundamental role played by Catalan public universities in the area of innovation, and framed within the current social and economic context. In this edition, there is a review of the Catalan research system in order to make some contribution to its improvement, and in the hope that this report will become a useful tool for analysing and interpreting the results of our actions.



The main goal of universities is to educate critical and committed citizens and competent professionals. This was true in the past and remains true today, in a world that is increasingly complex, changing and increasingly globalised. The report seeks to provide a range of data on training and teaching in universities, taking into account all contributing factors, from the students themselves and the teaching and research staff to the educational courses, their quality accreditation, as well as the infrastructure, international mobility, and the options for lifelong education.



The Report "Socio-economic Impacts of Catalan Public Universities and Research, Development and Innovation in Catalonia" uses various quantitative and qualitative indicators to analyse the contribution these institutions and knowledge networks make to the country's wealth. In keeping with our commitment to transparency and accountability, ACUP strives to provide an analysis of our university and research system in a way that is both accessible and understandable to everyone.