Report 2016


  • In the new context of greater autonomy for designing new degrees, the range has been widened to include international double degrees, Erasmus Mundus programmes financed by the European Union, and the number of degree and master’s degree programmes in a foreign language have grown.
  • Industrial PhDs are pioneer programmes to strengthen universities and business. In just 4 years, 99 industrial PhD programmes have been developed, which have 118 students working with one of the 113 participating businesses.

Previous reports

1. The Catalan university education system

Catalan public universities play an important role in training and education. The education of critical, free and committed citizens and highly qualified professionals is the primary aim of universities. In this regard, both at the individual institution level and as a university system, Catalan university education stands out for its quality and is fully comparable with European standards of higher education. The implementation of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) has brought several significant factors to education at Catalan public universities. The ECTS credits don’t simply monitor hours in the classroom, but also the student’s overall commitment: continuous evaluation, practical training in companies and institutions, and internationalisation. But perhaps one of the most important changes is the autonomy given to universities to innovate when designing new qualifications. All of these reforms, which seek to create a more personalised and diversified learning experience, have been carried out with very limited resources and yet have attained a similar level of quality to the great majority of European countries.