Informe 2016

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The main goal of universities is to educate critical and committed citizens and competent professionals. This was true in the past and remains true today, in a world that is increasingly complex, changing and increasingly globalised. For this reason, all Catalan public universities, grouped together as the Catalan Association for Public Universities (Associació Catalana d’Universitats Públiques, ACUP), present the Indicators of Training and Teaching Report, 2016. The report seeks to provide a range of data on training and teaching in universities, taking into account all contributing factors, from the students themselves and the teaching and research staff to the educational courses, their quality accreditation, as well as the infrastructure, international mobility, and the options for lifelong education.

The integration of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) has allowed us, among other things, to compare ourselves more easily and using the best tools with other European universities and those in many other parts of the world. We compare favourably on an international level with other universities, enjoying some remarkable standards of quality, which are even more notable when the lack of public financing in comparison with most European countries is taken into account. Our graduates, whether they have degrees, master’s degrees or PhDs, obtain skills and knowledge which allow them to succeed personally and professionally in response to today’s social, economic and technological challenges. In this regard, the following monographic section of this report has been dedicated to illustrating the employability of university graduates and their entry into the labour market, with very satisfactory results that show our commitment to society, although there are always some areas for improvement.

Another important aspect that the report highlights is the huge task of lifelong learning that Catalan public universities offer. The vitality of our society and the universities is illustrated by a whole series of education proposals, postgraduate courses, seminars, summer schools, and customised training for companies and business of all kinds.

As public universities, we have a duty to account for our activities, and to show the results and impact of public investment of our institutions. We do it responsibly and with commitment, as this publication demonstrates.