Report 2018

Portada Informe Docencia 2018

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University of Barcelona

-Service Learning (SL)
-University of Barcelona support programme for refugees and people from conflict zones

Autonomous University of Barcelona

-Projecte Shere Rom
-Small World Iniciative a la UAB: recerca de nous antibiòtics (SWI a la UAB)

Polytechnic University of Catalonia

-CASBA Comerç Amic Sense Barreres (Friendly Trade Without Barriers)
-UPC ICT Volunteer Programme: VolTIC

Pompeu Fabra University

-Event management as a methodology of teaching innovation in service learning for the construction of global citizenship
-Mobility Programme in Learning Service (MApS)

University of Girona

-An implicated choice of programmes
-Solidarity activities: a good practice of university social commitment

University of Lleida

-Classrooms against poverty
-Why can’t I do it?

Rovira i Virgili University

-Horts Socials (‘Social Orchards’) URV
-Mechanical Manufacturing Projects in Service Learning among Vocational Training, University and social entities

Open University of Catalonia

-International virtual mobility program
-Reception programme for for refugees and asylum seekers