Report 2012

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1. Financial resources for research and innovation

In the analysis of research and development (R&D) in Catalan higher education institutions, the acquisition of funding and expenditures on scientific activities must be considered as one of the key indicators. This section analyses university funding of R&D in Catalonia with comparisons to both Spain and Catalonia’s closest European neighbours.

The analysis below examines the capacity of Catalan universities to attract funding for research, the majority of which comes from the participation of universities in public or private calls for proposals. In 2010 this accounted for 64% of funding, demonstrating the Catalan public university system’s excellence through its capacity to attain considerable resources in competitive funding processes that evaluate these indicators. This has resulted in a substantial amount of research funds in relation to the total number of teaching and research staff at Catalan universities: €46,693 per researcher on average.