Report 2012

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Research and innovation are the backbone of the most advanced knowledge-based economies. Catalan universities are responsible for 60% of research conducted in our country. We are keenly aware of our firm commitment to generating knowledge, transferring knowledge to society, and maintaining our obligation to transparency and accountability in all our activities. Therefore, in keeping with the good practices of university systems in countries more advanced than our own we have set out to create a cuttingedge tool for tracking Catalan research and innovation activity, increasing its influence, and analysing its efficacy and efficiency. This report, “Research and innovation indicators of Catalan public universities” was created with these tenets in mind.

On behalf of the rectors, I would like to congratulate the team of R&D&i and information analysis experts and directors at all of our universities for their collaborative efforts and the Office of the Secretary of the ACUP for their excellent coordination work. This document is meant to be only the beginning of an open-ended effort to analyse the evolution of a set of indicators, to provide a permanent testimony to our ongoing commitment of the universities of Catalonia with the country, also through research and innovation.