Report 2013


  • In 2011 catalan public universities raised 277 million euros in funding for research and innovation.
  • 72% of funding acquired by Catalan public universities comes from competitive calls for proposals.

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1. Financial resources for research and innovation

Finding the economic resources, whether competitive or non-competitive, obtained by Catalan public universities, is one of the main indicators when analysing research and innovation activity.

The first data to be highlighted is a decrease of 20% in all the economic resources for R&D obtained by universities in 2011 (€277 million) in comparison with 2010 (€347 million). If the entire resources obtained are broken down, the funds obtained by competitive means in 2011 (€201million) represent 72% of the total, while non-competitive funds (€76 million) represent 28%. This information shows that universities have a greater dependence on competitive funds.

In this subsection of European funds, we would highlight the results obtained by Catalonia in the European Research Council (ERC) programmes, situating it in front of countries such as France or Germany in the call addressed at young researchers (Starting Grants) with an average of 1.06 concessions per million inhabitants, as well as the call aimed at the Proof of Concept, with 0.13 per million inhabitants.