Report 2014


  • In 2012, Catalan universities submitted 113 priority patent applications, representing an increase of 33 %.
  • There was a slight decline in 2012 in the number of technical staff for the transfer of knowledge.

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3. Innovation and university-industry cooperation

Universities are key players in the socio-economic development of the region. As such, the transfer of knowledge, recognized as the third university mission, has become an essential component of development, as it means that knowledge generated can be transferred to the wider economy.

University support for the third mission through promoting processes for creating value for research results and public-private collaboration in R&D activities is an example of these institutions’ commitment to society. The major available indicators associated with the transfer of knowledge are related to the generation of patents, the creation of technology-based companies or spin-offs, and university-business chairs. These three indicators allow us to visualize a significant part of the efforts currently being made by universities to promote this third mission.