Report 2014

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The publication of this third report for the year 2014 presenting the research and innovation indicators for Catalan public universities reflects the commitment of all Catalan universities to continue promoting research and knowledge transfer activities, with the conviction of the fundamental role played by Catalan public universities in the area of innovation, and framed within the current social and economic context.

In Catalonia, public universities account for more than 60% of research activity in the country. This report also serves as an example of the transparency and accountability in all facets of our activities as public institutions.

It represents a tool for measuring, analysing, and interpreting the results of past investments and actions in order to better decide on future strategies for the research and innovation activities of the Catalan university system.

On behalf of the rectors, I would like to extend my gratitude to the work and efforts of everyone, both from the ACUP as well as the R&D+i specialists at our universities, who have made this report possible and who have worked in conjunction with all of the Catalan public universities to unify criteria to ensure that this report consists of a collection of data pertaining to the research and innovation system of the Catalan public universities as a whole.