Report 2015

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It is well known that what is not measured cannot be improved. In this edition (the fourth) of our report, the Catalan Association of Public Universities reviews the Catalan research system in order to make some contribution to its improvement, and in the hope that this report will become a useful tool for analysing and interpreting the results of our actions.

The Catalan research system, in general terms, is in good health. This is demonstrated by the indicators, and, by comparison, the positions which our universities have achieved in specialised and international rankings. Possibly, we are reaping the benefits of years of effort and investment, which the crisis and the consequent lack of public and private funding could end up destroying.

In this report, we present the indicators revealing the size and evolution of the different factors supporting research, development and innovation (RDI), such as public and private funding, human resources, and results in terms of publications. Knowledge transfer is also shown, along with the parameters illustrating the system’s level of innovation, such as the number of patents or new businesses which have emerged from ideas created at universities.

The document, which sets Catalonia in a European context regarding research understood in a broad sense and includes indicators demonstrating the international perspective, should help to identify the areas in which the country’s research system can improve.