Report 2015


  • Scientific production in Catalonia, led by universities, represents 0.8% of the world’s output.
  • The quality of the scientific production of Catalan public universities, which has a higher impact than the world average, ensures that the universities are among the best across Spain

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2. Scientific output

The results of research and innovation—linked in this chapter to the generation and dissemination of knowledge, scientific production and doctoral theses—are clearly positive, despite the reduction in dedicated funds in a global context.

For yet another year, Catalan public universities outperform Catalan research institutions in terms of scientific production, and surpass hospitals and research institutions. Also, as regards impact, they are among the top universities across Spain. This is also true of the productivity of researchers: the average number of publications per full-time researcher in 2014 (1.33 publications) is 90% higher than those of public universities in the rest of Spain (0.7).