Report 2016

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You are holding the fifth edition of the Report on Research and Innovation Indicators of Catalan Public Universities. Its existence illustrates the commitment of public universities to transparency and accountability, unravelling the different indicators on research and innovation, comparing them in terms of historical series, and placing them in the European context.

On this occasion, the transparency and accountability efforts have been further advanced, because, in this edition, we highlight the social impact of our universities’ research and innovation. The research and innovation projects at Catalan public universities are clearly geared towards resolving the problems and requirements of our society, and incorporate mechanisms for ensuring the dissemination and transference of knowledge so that they reach the relevant groups. This effort should be extended, and our researchers are committed to this.

The report illustrates that university research in Catalonia in the European and global context is currently robust, but warns of its fragility. Public disinvestment can directly affect the capacity for scientific production of our research groups, particularly those relating to the activities and consolidation of young researchers.

I would like to give special thanks to the team of the ACUP’s executive office and the technical teams of our universities for their huge efforts. Initiating the report five years ago was a challenge. Consolidating it in its fifth edition demonstrates that, by working together, we advance further, in this case into the analysis, dissemination and the communication of research and innovation in universities.

Sergi Bonet
President of the Catalan Association of Public Universities