Report 2016

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This report is one more edition of a memory, already consolidated in Catalonia, on the results of research and innovation of Catalan public universities. The objective of this report is to communicate and illustrate research, innovation and knowledge transfer in the Catalan public university system. The report is presented using the same structure and sections as previous editions. There is, however, something new: consolidated data from 2015 has also been included in order to present the most up-to-date data and indicators possible.

The first chapter analyses the financial resources that universities dedicate to research and innovation, both those which depend on competitive resources, i.e. those raised from national, regional or international public calls for funding, as well as funds from non-competitive sources.

The second chapter presents an analysis of the scientific production of Catalan public universities, as well as their impact and efficiency. A complement to the analysis puts it into its Catalan, Spanish, European and international context.

The third chapter is an analysis of the indicators which measure innovation and knowledge transference to society: the income from patent licences, revenue from innovation agreements with businesses and the creation of spin-off companies from the results of research and university-business-society chairs.

Finally, the annex to the report details the human resources that the universities dedicate to research.

The ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SGOs) listed by the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development came into effect on 1 January 2016. Higher education institutions have the capacity and the responsibility to con- tribute to each of the 17 goals, as well as to the global Agenda. For this reason, the monograph accompanying this edition provides examples of the contribution to these goals in the field of research and innovation.

The same sources of information have been used as in previous editions: UNEIX, the Catalan university system database, is the main source of information, which has been completed, when necessary, with complementary (RedOTRI, CRUE, Eurostat, INE, EPO, Institute for Catalan Studies, European Research Council, XPCAT, among others), along with the information available at the Web of Science. This report, along with previous editions, is available in digital format at the website, and the figures and tables can be downloaded by chapter.